Timbers Alliance Showcase Match Film

MODULAR11 is proud to be the sponsored filming group for the 2019 Timbers Alliance Showcase!

All Games will be distributed 24 to 48 hours after the team’s final game of the event. Games will be distributed via downloadable link. These links are easily shareable with your entire team. If you don’t want to clutter your computer with file sizes, you are able to watch the full game through your browser. If you wish to download the game to your computer, simply right click on the browser screen and select “download as” (Mac) or “Save as” (Windows). A sample game film link from last year is below:

Sample Match Link

The Timbers Alliance Showcase is a pre-order event, which means we will only be filming games scheduled and purchased prior to the event. We have limited capacity and scheduling priority will be given by order of inquiry. Once registration has closed, and the game schedule has been set, we will reach back out and ask you to confirm the games scheduled to be filmed.

Match Film Pricing
1 Match $150
2 Matches $250
3 Matches $375
4 Matches $450

Sorry, scheduling is over.

Please, email contact@modular11.com for inquiries.